Expert Certificate Program

PAS Forum is starting an experts’ certification program from 2020, to prepare the passing out Agri-graduates to work in different agricultural fields effectively. In this program, Agri-graduates will have to pass an examination related to their field of expertise, local job market requirements, ethical values and general knowledge about the socio-economic system of Pakistan. The eligibility for this certification program is B.Sc. (Hons) agriculture and following experts’ certification will be started as a pilot project in 2020.

  • Soil Expert
  • Crop Expert
  • Plant Protection Expert
  • Livestock Expert
  • Fruit & Vegetable Expert


When some click on soil experts (same for all others but registration should be emailed), it should go registration form to apply this test. Form should contain Name, CNIC number, Educational qualification, Last education institute attended, postal address, Permanent address, Expert program, possible date for examination, Cell number, email, and Fee (5000 PKR; which should be transferred to account and details should be added)