Lifetime Membership

Lifetime membership is offered to well committed and active PAS Forum members with the approval of executive council.

Regular Membership

Annual membership is offered to all agrarians working in the field of agriculture, who are agreed with the objectives of PAS Forum,

Associate Membership

Associated membership is special offer for all agricultural research students (Master & PhD), who are agreed with the objectives of PAS Forum,

Agriculture is playing a crucial role in the economy of Pakistan as its second largest sector. It is contributing around 22 percent of the national GDP and employs about half of the country’s labor force through its various sub-sectors including crops, livestock, poultry, fisheries and forestry. It is estimated that approximately 65 percent of Pakistani population living in the rural areas directly or indirectly relies upon agriculture for their livelihood. The share of agriculture in foreign exchange earnings is around 60 percent. It is also worth-mentioning that a large number of Pakistan’s politicians and legislators come from rural backgrounds and occupy influential ruling positions in almost every government. Thus, the agriculture sector is deeply implicated in Pakistan’s socio-economic and political scenario.

What We Aim

To attain the happiness of almighty ALLAH through working for the establishment of Islamic rule of law in general human life and, especially, in the field of agriculture

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